We believe in finding "the one." In slow dances and love songs, and butterflies in your stomach every time the person that you adore most smiles in your direction. But more than that, here at Burrow and Thistle Photography, we believe in marriage

We believe that one of the most special things you can ever do is to choose to commit yourself to another person for all of eternity; to promise to love them for better or for worse. To acknowledge their flaws, their bad habits, their quirks and eccentricities, and not to ignore them, but rather to find the beauty in those things too. To choose to love a person in their entirety. Not despite their bad habits but because of them. Because every inch of their mind, body, and soul is something that you love.

To love someone that way is a gift. To be loved in that way is a blessing. 

To capture that love; that's what we do best.

If you are recently engaged, we extend our sincerest congratulations. We are so excited for you guys! This walk of life is incredibly precious, and we hope you will consider letting us walk with you as we capture your day.

As a young couple currently planning our own wedding, we know all the stresses that go with wedding planning. We firmly believe that photography shouldn't be one of those.

As we were considering photographers for our wedding day, one of the hardest things for us was budget. It seems like every photographers base point was completely out of our max budget, and that was so disheartening. After struggling with this, we have decided to create a pricing system that can accommodate every budget, because we think everyone deserves beautiful photos of their day.