A little bit of everything

If you're coming to this page in search of consistency, you won't find it. I'm not one to be always put together with perfect hair and makeup. Would I like to be? probably. But life is too short for those things. And one day- hopefully not too long from now- I'd like to be a mother, so I certainly won't have more time for hair and makeup then. (a fact which I'm totally okay with. I'd much rather be covered in baby food anyways, wondering who sharpied the dog again.)

I get told -more often than I would like to admit- that I have too many passions. I feel like people in general are always being told that they are too much or too little of something or other, and in this particular case, I refuse to take it as anything but a compliment. Telling someone they have too many passions is the equivalent of telling them that they are too in love with life-- and why shouldn't we be? The fact that the same God that created oceans and mountains and sunsets looked at us and thought the world needed us too completely blows my mind on a regular basis. 

I want to wake up each morning bathed in fresh light and that same realization over and over again.

And while I understand that maybe being passionate about so many things means that my time is often stretched thin, life will never be dull, and I will never run out of things to talk about. For that I am endlessly grateful. 

So if you're looking for consistency, I cant help you. But if you're in search of transparency, humor, and a little bit of ...well... everything, then maybe stick around for a while. 

This blog is dedicated to anyone who, like me, has ever been told that they are too much of too many things. 

We are the movers, the makers, and the dreamers.

And the world needs more people like us.