Vivian + Vu

One of my favorite things, as a photographer, is getting to connect with people. That probably sounds strange coming from an introvert, but I am just so in love with the way that everyone we meet has been intentionally and personally crafted by the maker of the universe. 

Meeting with Vivian + Vu for the first time was like getting coffee with old friends. It was instantly comfortable, and I remember one of my first thoughts being "now here is a couple that just pours out the love of Jesus." 

Throughout the entire session, I was so enamored just watching them together with their baby girl Aylah. Photoshoots with small children can prove to be really stressful for some couples, and they just had this grace about them. It was genuinely beautiful to see. 

When we ended the session, Vu even asked to pray for me + my fiance, as we had just gotten engaged. We had been praying for a while for God to bring couples into our lives who were such a perfect example of His love and what the marriage covenant was supposed to look like, and it was such an answer to our prayers.

I love getting to bless people with photos that they get to cherish forever, but so often, my clients end up blessing me in even more profound ways. 

I can't wait to see this little family grow + continue to flourish as they continue to pursue the Lord.